TQC Series

Product Features:

This TQC series most suitable to Install it below the water tower,to downward pressurization, When using the water; the pump will automatically start increase the pressure to supply water, when stop using the Water, pump will automatically stop supply power and water







Perfomance Curves:
Operation Conditions:
Ambient temperature: Up to 40°F / 104°F
Liquid temperature range: Up to 40°F / 104°F
Flow: Up to 75 (L/min) / 20(GPM)
Head: Up to 30 (Meters) / 99(Ft) / 43(Psi)
Suction Pipes: Must run in positive pressure only,negative pressure unable to work the pump.
Discharge Pipes: Must lower than water tower over 0.5-meter.
Extra Features and Specifiaction
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