SG Side Channel Pump

Standard Accessories

E-type shaft coupling

Shaft coupling protective hood

Common base





Flow: Up to 6.5 m3/min
Head: Up to 176 m
HP: 2 to 15 HP
Flange: JIS 10K FF
Shaft seal: Mechanical shaft seal
Particularly suitable for tank, reservoir liquid extraction
Petrochemical industry: Organic solvent, gasoline, alcohol, liquefied natural gas conveyance
Conveyance of waste solvents, waste engine oil after purification treatment by waste treatment works
Wastewater exposure treatment
Super-powerful suction force to easily extract all liquid remaining on bottom of tank
Suitable for use in low-flow occasions
Suitable for conveyance of liquids containing air
Multiple-stage serial connection to obtain maximum head
Hydraulic balance design, steady operation
High pressure at outlet, no need of exhaust valve
Additional one set of impellers at inlet to obtain minimum NPSHR
Measurements are relatively smaller than the size of centrifugal pump having the same head, thereby saving space
Optional accessories
3-Phase induction motor: 208~480V 60/50Hz
Butt joint flange