Our Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pump for Clean Water or Liquids (PV Series)

The PV Series is a stainless steel vertical multistage pump available in eight sizes with up to 26 stages. These pumps are suitable for clean water or liquids. They are widely used for high buildings, plants, mining, city water supply systems and irrigation.






Technical Data
Ambient Temperature: To a maximum +104°F (40°C).
Liquid Temperature: Standard design: -5°F to +194°F (-15°C to 90°C ).
Liquid Temperature: Hot water design: 5°F to +248°F (-15°C to 120°C ).
Min. Suction Pressure: Two (2) feet (0.6m) above required NPSH.
Electric Motor standard supplied as: 60 Hz, single phase 110v or three phase 220v, aluminum casing, IP54, class F. 50 Hz, single phase 220v or three phase 380v, aluminum casing, IP54, class F.
Pump material: 304 or 316 stainless steel.
Extra Features and Specifiaction
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