Our Double Suction, Horizontal, Split Case Centrifugal Pump(PS Series)

The PS Series is a double suction, horizontal, split case centrifugal pump available in 46 sizes from 5x3-8 (125x80-210) to 36x36-31 (900x900-780) for heads up to 656 feet (200 m) and flows up to 80,000 GPM (18,000 m3/hr.). The PS Series has a maximum operating pressure of 435 PSI (30 bar) and a maximum operating temperature of 221° F (105° C).

The Paragon PS Series pumps are used for air conditioning, cooling towers, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, power stations, industrial water supply systems and fire fighting applications.


Pump Casing
The casing isaxially split, which permits removal of the complete rotor without moving either piping or motor. Pumps generating high heads have double volutes to reduce radial forces, ensuring minimal shaft deflection and low bearing loads. Replaceable wear rings protect the casing at the impeller running clearances. High head pumps are also fitted with replaceable impeller wear rings.
The closed impellers have double curved vanes. The double suction design gives practically zero axial forces. Each impeller is statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940.
On both sides this pump has grease lubricated deep groove ball bearings, sealed for life, optionally oil lubricated.
Shaft Seal
Uncooled soft-packed stuffing box or uncooled single acting, unbalanced mechanical seal, according to DIN24960, independent of direction of rotation. For operating pressure greater than or equal to 232 psi (16 bar): balanced mechanical seal.
Extra Features and Specifiaction
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